Co-workers can suck

Co-workers. Oh, co-workers. I have been blessed to have more positive co-worker experiences than bad, but I have definitely had the bad. Haven’t we all?

Angela Watson wrote about “how to deal with co-workers who constantly complain.” In our situation as teachers, these are our fellow staff members that gossip about the bad students, bitch about the administrators, and complain about Common Core and pretty much never just “grin and bear it.” These people suck. Hmm, kind of ironic, I’m complaining about people that complain. Oops.


Two of my favorite tips that she writes about are to find topics beyond work that you have in common and to be blunt. It’s OK to talk to your co-workers about students and your life as teacher, but sometimes we all need a break from that. Talk about anything that isn’t school related and learn more about your co-workers. Plus, this might help create more of a positive atmosphere/relationship within the school.

I love the second tip: be blunt. When my sisters call or text me for advice, the conversations almost always start out with them saying “hey you’re always honest, so I want your opinion” or “you’re brutal blunt most of the time so tell me what you think.” And I LOVE IT. I love that I’m honest. Being honest and blunt doesn’t make you unapproachable or rigid or anything else, it makes you dependable. Angela writes that sometimes it’s best to just call it as is and say “can we get all the school-related talk done now and then change the subject?” or “I want a break from talking about school.” Your co-workers aren’t going to hate you for it. In fact, they might breathe a sigh of relief and think “Thank God someone finally said it!”

Go check out her whole blog for all the tips!

Plus, she’s super pretty.


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