“Look at their hearts, not their circumstances”

Today in block, we Skyped with a lady that works at/runs an alternative school in Colorado. She inspired this blog. In the 30 minutes we got to hear her speak, I was filled with inspiration and hope. 

The alternative school is for students that were expelled from the public school. So, needless to say, there are lots of Thugging Hards in this school. I thought the best thing she said was that it is most important to look at their hearts, not their circumstances. It is really easy for teachers (and people in general) to judge a person strictly on their circumstances. Think of the last time you saw a homeless person; what were you thoughts? Were you thinking “ew gross don’t talk to me” or “wonder how they got there?” I know I do that. I do that because it’s easy. It’s easy to define a person because of their circumstances. We have to be able to look past that and see their heart, see their intentions. These students in the alt school are in gangs, abuse meth, and have babies at way too young of age. I am glad there are people that can look past that.


The public school does not accommodate to people of that nature. We see them as “troublemakers” or “threats.” So we take the easy way out and boot them out of school and send them to alt schools. Isn’t our job to give each student a chance? People give up on kids like these because of their circumstances. “A boy from a broken family with a history of alcoholism? He won’t last. A girl knocked up? Well it’s because she’s a slut.” We are so quick to judge others and give them labels and blame their circumstances. We don’t give them the chance to show their heart because we’re so busy beating them down and trying to make them conform. Might as well tell them “quit being you!”

I’m excited to be a teacher. I’m going to give each kid a chance. I’m going to cheer on each student, especially the underdogs. 




3 thoughts on ““Look at their hearts, not their circumstances”

  1. How I heart a whole school full of Thugging Hards! What a profound thing for this teacher to say. In their hearts, all people are really the same, aren’t they? Everyone wants to be recognized and really seen and loved for who they are.

  2. I loved this blog post! I felt the same way about class today. It was very encouraging to listen to her speak and share all the things she does with those students! I wish that traditional schools were more like that. After all, education is supposed to be available to everyone, not just the people who live untroubled lives. I also love your two pictures. Very inspirational!

  3. I agree with you completely. Our society has been taught to judge a book by its cover. Which, being a fellow English (awesome) major, you understand never represents what’s in a book’s heart. A book being a metaphor to a human being here. 🙂

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