I don’t know if everyone saw the picture I posted to Twitter last week, but I got 2 huge cardboard boxes full of children’s books about the Holocuast, YA lit novels dealing with the Holocaust/WWII, and binders and binders and binders full of Holocaust information. Here’s my living room currently, taken over by all this wonderful goodness:

Image I went and visited my middle school English teacher over the weekend. Her name is Susan Jones, but everyone just called her Suzo. Suzo was a one of a kind teacher; she spit a little when she talked (and she knew it), she has over 1,000 teddy bear trinkets in her house, and her classroom always smelled like rubber cement because she was constantly making some cool new poster board. She is retired now and has a room in her house dedicated to children’s books. She has signed copies from Patricia Polacco and Mark Ludy (two of my absolute favorite authors. Everyone should “read” the wordless book  “Flower Man” by Mark Ludy.) When I told her about all the wonderful stuff we are learning in our Methods course and how a majority of my lesson plans include a children’s book she kissed my forehead. No joke. She just straight up kissed me on the forehead because she was so excited that we were learning how to incorporate children’s books into the classroom. I think we were required to read one novel in her 7th grade English class, and it was “Crash.” She encouraged us to read our OWN novels and started each day by reading from a children’s book. She was a bad ass teacher, and she is now a bad ass retired teacher.
She gave me butt loads of Holocaust information because I am currently making a Holocaust/poetry unit. (SO EXCITED!) We have another date to get together in December because she wants to give me box loads of children’s books and YA lit books. Needless to say, I have a pretty magnificent start on my classroom library. I am eternally grateful to Suzo.

This was the post I put on her Facebook wall and her comment back to me:



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