Why do Italians eat fish on Christmas Eve?

Human relations and diversity is the section of block that we are going through right now. I really like it, and I really like the teacher. We are learning a lot, and even if we aren’t necessarily learning new stuff, we are being reminded to be mindful of certain diversities that can and will be seen in our classrooms.


For professional development, I am currently reading “The Reading/Writing Connection” by Carol Booth Olson. She has an entire section titled “Reading, thinking, and writing about multicultural literature.”

Within this section, she talked about having students do a project in which they make a poster board stating negative stereotypes that are almost always associated with their ethnicity and race. For example, “just because I’m Asian doesn’t mean I eat rice all the time” and “African Americans are always poor.” 


At first while reading this, I really didn’t like that she condoned the idea of students pointing out the negativeness of their races. But then as I continued to read, I realized how beneficial the activity really was. It forced students to see how each other is stereotyped because of race. It wasn’t a negative activity; it was a way to demonstrate that each student faces some sort of stigma throughout their school career because of their ethnicity.

We have to make a short lesson that deals with diversity and multiculturalism for this class. Mine is still currently in process of being made, but so far I really dig it. Stay tuned, I will share it via Twitter and my blog. 


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