What do you think of when you hear the word “punishment”? Is it a wooden spoon? A smack on the face? No TV for a week? 

Our discussion in class last week got me thinking: what makes a teacher “strict”? Is it their form of punishment? Is it their attitude? In my opinion, I think it depends on the student. A teacher that I think is strict may not be strict to a fellow classmate. We talk a lot about Thugging Hard, so I can use him for an example. Say I am just a bomb diggity teacher. Everyone likes me EXCEPT Thugging Hard. He thinks I’m strict and mean. Is it really because I’m strict and mean? Or is it because he lacks respect for female authority figures? 
All I know is that I am not going to give my students punitive busy work. Each assignment will have a purpose and each student will know that purpose. I refuse to assign a quiz, test, assignment, etc. as a form of punishment. 


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