4 Questions

1. What do I do with the kid that refuses to read or write despite all my efforts?

This question stems from the male in my block class today that said “why do I have to teach reading? I hate reading.” It took everything in my little body to not attack him like a wolverine and rattle his tiny little brain around in that huge egotistical head of his. (Bleh. Sorry, miniature rant there.) But it got me thinking: what DO I do with students like you? The one who absolutely despises to read anything because “it’s too hard” or “too long” or “boring.” This is still my biggest conundrum. I am a firm believer in the “pick and choose your battles” kind of classroom management style. I can’t fight kids on everything, but when do I draw the line for the student that has a book open but has his cell phone hidden behind it and he’s texting? How can I help?

2. Open or closed door?

This question comes from my frustrations with one of my professors. He openly told the class that he shuts his door while teaching because his teaching techniques are not traditional and that most of his colleagues disagree with his teaching ways. I, personally, had/have a huge problem with this. If you are so adamant about what you are teaching us and if you are so sure your ways are better than someone else’s because you have research to defend yourself, then why in the world would you close your door? That just shows me that you’re scared. One of the biggest things I have taken away from this methods class is to teach in the manner that you are most comfortable with and teach with the method that you believe so firmly in that you can defend it until you’re blue in the face. This turned into more of discussion than a question, but I guess my question is why would you have a closed door?

3. What’s it like to be the lone nut?

This question is solely out of curiosity. When I presented with Laura last week, all I could think of what it is going to be like to be that lone nut in front of 20 curious, adolescent eyes. I wonder what it feels like, and I cannot wait to find out.

4. What if my co-workers hate me?

This question is legitimately always on my mind. I’m so ready to be the lone nut, but I’m so NOT ready for my co-workers to be like “whaaaat? That white girl be crazy!” And then I’ll go home and eat my weight in ice cream and pet cats. I know the general response to this question “talk it out with them and come to mutual understanding.” Yeah, well, no. Because like I said earlier, I am going to be a lone nut because I am going to be using methods that I can defend. I am all for collaboration or working together, but I will not change my ways just on the sole basis to get you to like me. I don’t like people that have the “I’m perfect. You adjust” mentality. Ugh. Frustrations and fears are setting in again…..and cue Lindsey’s anxious scratching on the table……


One thought on “4 Questions

  1. Hopefully our decision to open or close our doors doesn’t end up with us blood stained and in stitches. I once got had to go to the ER because I ran into a revolving door. Hahaha. Hey, that would make a good blog. But seriously, that is an excellent question.

    This semester I’m in the “English” grunt of my credits so I haven’t spent a lot of time reflecting on the actual teaching side of it. I love that you’re thinking for me!

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