We’re all a bunch of Katnisses!

I just recently tweeted about how ob-freaking-sessed I am with our #eng461 blogs! While reading them, I find myself either nodding my head like a bobble head, getting emotional, or laughing out loud. This group of girls is hands down the smartest/funniest/bravest group I know. We’re all a bunch of Katnisses!


 Maggie’s blog, “Question Everything”, was the blog that resulted in me nodding my head like a bobble head. The TED talk which features Bill Gates is incredibly offensive and obnoxious. Before I say too much, I don’t want to be caught being ignorant—so has Bill Gates ever taught? Ever? Has he been in a classroom with 40 eyeballs staring at him? Or at a parent-teacher conference where it’s his fault Joey is failing English class? If the answer to these questions is yes, then OK. My bad, Mr. Gates. But if the answer is no, this is why I am irate. People like Bill Gates and all the folks that created the CCSS are just big names with big money. They don’t know the life of an educator; they don’t know the students in the classroom.

Maggie discussed tearing down the current school system with a wrecking ball and building a new one; “one that encourages real reading and writing practices…that fosters wonderment and a love of learning rather than a slog through the motions.” Truly beautiful, Maggie. But may I add one thing? Can Miley Cyrus be naked while riding the wrecking ball used to destroy the current school system? I think that would be the ultimate “screw you” to all the pompous people that think teachers are robots.


As for the blog that made me get emotional, “Change of Heart” by Ashley truly had me reaching for tissues. She didn’t blog about her change of heart because she wants to suck up to Dr. Ellington, it’s because she is truly growing and changing. I am so glad I read this blog because, similar to Ashley, I also majored in education simply because I wanted to eventually go and get my master’s in School Counseling. Ashley says “I never wanted to help their (the students’) minds. I want to help their hearts.” Ashley’s change of heart has been the realization that teachers do much more than teach; they have the power to truly impact the life of student. It was nice to read a blog that expressed the same concerns that I have struggled with. I wasn’t one of those people that grew up knowing I would be a teacher, and I’m glad I wasn’t like that. Being an education major has truly been an eye-opening and challenging adventure. I would ask myself “do I reeeeeally want to be a teacher?” Today, the only answer I reply back with is “heck yes!”


Also, any time you want a good laugh, just go check out Kelsey’s blog. She’s hilarious and makes you have warm fuzzies.

Blog on, girls! Blog on!


2 thoughts on “We’re all a bunch of Katnisses!

  1. I agree with the Miley Cyrus picture. The Wreck-It-Ralph quote literally made me laugh out loud. And I think every teacher gets frustrated when people who are not even in the classroom try to tell teachers what they should be doing. I don’t think I have met one teacher who does not get frustrated by that. Also, I agree with Kelsey! And I agree with Ashley because teaching is more than what people credit teachers for.

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