One-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people pleaser?

This blog will be short, sweet, and to the point….mainly because I have blogged about this ongoing stressor of mine before, but it just keeps showing up!

What is that ongoing stressor of mine you ask? Well, the fact that I can’t please everyone.

I have ALWAYS been a people-pleaser. (PS did you even notice that the title of this blog isn’t the usual “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people EATER”? It’s people PLEASER….eh? eh? I try to be funny.)


I am currently planning my wedding, and all I can say is, for the union of two people, there sure is a lot of shit to do for a lot of people with a lot of different opinions. Neat. No pressure.

Also, and here you and I are, entering a career field where we want to please everyone, but it’s humanly impossible.

I hate it. Why can’t everyone like my wedding ideas? Why can’t everyone like the way I teach? Why would it be weird if I got a “catoo”?

What is a “catoo” you ask? Great question. It’s a tattoo of a cat. Cat + tattoo = catoo. I want one. I will make this happen.


Story time: Our block class went to Lexington’s public schools today to observe the diversity within the classrooms. We had a 30 minute Q&A panel with 5 students from the school. The principal told them to give us, future educators, one bit of advice for us before we start teaching. Each kid had something different they wanted, so, naturally, I panic. That school had 800 students in it. So that’s 800 different opinions and wants and needs. I can’t please all of you. I know I can’t and I know I won’t, and I’m slowly coming to terms with this. But I do secretly (but not so secretly) hate it.


3 thoughts on “One-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people pleaser?

    • Let’s see. If I could sum it into one uber comment it would be “You should understand that all of us are different and learn differently, we need more encouragement, aaaaaaaaaand less homework”

  1. I’m with Dr. Ellington. I want to know what the kids said. And a catoo would be way awesome, you should do it. It’d probably make some of your students happy to know their teacher has a tattoo, too.

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