My Five Words

After reading Garnet Hillman’s blog about her 5 words, I was inspired to create my own. (While reading hers, I was like, “yeah, these are my 5, too!” So it took me a little time to think and come up with my five.)

1) Organized

I cannot handle disorganized classrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lives, etc. I have three planners. Three. I feel lost without knowing what is on my agenda for the next day/week/month. My classroom is going to be organized. I don’t just mean my desk is going to be clean, and my books are going to be straight on their shelves. My organization is going to help my decisions in the classroom because I will never be without a plan. I will have a Plan A-Z in my head. My students will never be bored in my classroom. This is not to say they will be swamped with busy work; they will always be prepared to do something in my classroom because I am prepared to make sure they are being engaged every second throughout their time spent with me.

2) Welcoming/Safe

When I say the word “welcoming”, I don’t mean that I want my room filled with comfortable bean bags for reading time or colorful posters plastered all over the room. I want my room to be a place where any and all ideas are welcome. The reason I paired it with the word “safe” is because my students will know that it is a safe place to express themselves through their choice of spoken words, written words, and words in the book they choose to read.

3) Dynamic

The decisions made by me and my students during our time in my classroom will result in a dynamic community. My students and I will be actively growing, changing, and progressing during the short time spent in my room.

4) Stimulating

It is every teacher’s hope for students to be stimulated and intrigued by their daily routine. Whether it be a lecture, activity, book, paper, video, etc., I hope my students are enthusiastic to learn. I want my lesson plan to arouse more interest than a text from their boyfriend. I want my ideas to be so captivating that they forget about the big football game this weekend.

5) Flexible/Differentiated 

My classroom will be easily arranged physically and mentally. I want students to be able to move around to wherever suits their needs best. As a teacher, differentiated instruction is pounded into my head throughout college education courses. I will reach each of my students by being approachable and flexible to accommodate their needs. Students will not be embarrassed by their learning disability in my classroom because it will be adapted to without any stress.


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