I treat laundry tags like the Bible

I treat laundry tags like the Bible

As usual, the first couple of days of classes have been overwhelming and make people go home and highly consider dropping out and buying 38 cats and drastically dying their hair or some other dramatic thing.

When we made a list on the board of all the things we will have to do as English teachers, I couldn’t help but think of a laundry tag you find on clothes that tell you what you can and cannot do. I treat laundry tags like the Bible. They are something to look at every now and then when you’re not sure what to do. I shrunk a shirt once because I washed it wrong, and I felt really un-womanlike and non-domesticated so I vowed it would never happen again. We belong in the kitchen after all, not the laundry room.

All of our duties as English teachers would make the world’s largest laundry tag. And, quite frankly, that freaks me out. Then we made the freaking out worse by making a list of “fears in the classroom”. I am a people pleaser to the extreme. I will go out of my way to make sure my enemies love me. I hate being disliked. Being a people pleaser doesn’t mean my niceness is phony, if anything, it makes my niceness more authentic because I genuinely care enough about each person to make sure they like me back. ANYWAYS, that’s my biggest fear…that I won’t please students. I won’t please administration. I won’t please parents. I won’t please myself. It’s my biggest fear because there is no realistic way to please each and every single one of those people listed. It’s up to me to prioritize who I please.

I wish this was a laundry tag I could hand to my mom. Unfortunately, it’s not. But it’s a laundry tag I will figure out once I get into the classroom and can experience these issues first hand.


One thought on “I treat laundry tags like the Bible

  1. 38 cats sounds awesome!! But since I don’t clean the litterboxes, I’m guessing my husband would rebel. We did write some crazy laundry lists in class, didn’t we? It’s just not possible to do so many different tasks, to teach so many different things, and to answer to so many different people–and to also be effective. It’s no wonder that 50% of new teachers burn out and leave the profession within 5 years. I am also a people pleaser as well as (I think) a nice, unobjectionable person, and it SHOCKED me when I first started teaching to have students react so negatively to me. I realize that they weren’t reacting to ME at all–just to what I represented in their minds as a new teacher, an authority figure. But I just assumed that if I went into the classroom and had good intentions and treated everyone well and with respect, I would get the same thing back. Um, no. Luckily, I am also a stubborn person, and that probably helps me most in teaching. I do think that if we can get this whole vision thing down, a lot of the problems and issues that overwhelm us start to resolve themselves. That’s the hope, anyway!

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